Life Between Lives Regression in NYC

New York Life Between Lives NYCImagine knowing who you were long before you ended up in the body you are in now and having a deeper understanding of your purpose in this life…

If you have ever asked yourself these types of questions…

“What’s my purpose in life?”

“Why do I continuously circle around the same challenges and problems?”

“What happens to us after we die?”

….then Life Between Lives is for you.

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When your last life was over, your soul moved to a new world where it became one with other energies. In that world, your soul was given unlimited knowledge and love. Eventually, your soul reincarnated here in the physical world to further your knowledge and growth. However, when you incarnate all the knowledge and experiences gained in the spirit world are forgotten. Life Between Lives regression helps you access that forgotten information.

When you commit to a Life Between Lives regression session, you’re guided into a deep trance state by your hypnotist where you are able to access the memories of your soul’s journeys. These memories often give you a deeper understanding of your mission on earth and what your soul wanted to accomplish in this world. These revelations are often life changing.


  • Knowing who your spirit guide is, and meeting the souls who have been traveling with you
  • Having a intense understanding of your physical role in the journey of your souls spiritual enlightenment
  • Discovering a whole new way of looking at life 

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During a Life Between Lives session, your hypnotist will regress you back through your life, through you childhood and to the womb. From there, you will move backwards into your past life where you will learn who you were prior to this life. To move beyond your last life, your hypnotist will guide you to an even deeper trance-like state, so that you can access your super-conscious and the memories from your life in between your physical lives.

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Disclaimer: Results may vary

Life Between Lives regression often gives a whole new understanding of what is important in life, what your real purpose is, and why you are here. It affords you the chance to ‘connect’ with those souls who you may have been traveling with, life after life after life. These souls, who sometimes act as friends, lovers, or members of your family.

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When you complete a Life Between Lives regression, you gain a better understanding of why you have certain fears, act a certain way, or have certain beliefs. It can open the door to significant spiritual growth and enlightenment. If you have ever wondered what happens to the soul after we die, or if there is more to life than just the short time we are afforded in this world, then Life Between Lives regression is for you.

Life Between Lives regression allows you to experience your journey through time and space, as you moved from one life to another. It gives you a personal insight that is just not accessible in any other way. Life Between Lives regression can afford you complete understanding of yourself, and of those significant persons around you. It can show you why you chose your life and what you hoped to gain during your travels through this world.

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Life Between Lives Video Testimonial New York NYC Queens NY

Disclaimer: Results may vary

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Disclaimer: Results may vary